Private Sessions

We would love to discuss scheduling a special time for you to explore the magic you are.
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I find myself being re-born again and again with this work, and each time walk more into my power. I'm feeling like I have more clarity, I feel more sure of myself I'm more assertive, I guess I'm just experiencing more of myself, I'm growing. Thank you guys so much for your time, dedication and loving support. E. nz

Questions and Answers

What's A Private Session?

A private session is 2 -3 hours of private coaching from Kenneth, Sharon, or the two of us together. The specific experiences and information shared is a co-creation with the client to support them in the best way possible to meet there desires.

The possibilities for these sessions are very broad, depending on the client’s desires and intentions. They can range from “how-to” sessions for couples trying to understand what can seem like very complicated concepts;  to personal instruction of specific tantric practices and intimate explorations and guidance into an individual’s own sexual energy.

Here are some ideas of private session topics:

·        Expanding Pleasure Boundaries and Orgasmic Potential

·        Sexual Healing and Sexual Awakening

·        Breathing Practices and Energy Mastery

·        Balancing of Masculine and Feminine

·        The Art of Love and Loving

·        Exploring Your Sexual  Energy

·        What Limits You in Your Experience of Intimacy

·        Releasing Guilt, Shame and Fear

Especially For Men

·        Ejaculatory Choice and Increasing you Orgasmic Potential

·        Learning to Be an Extraordinary Lover

·        Developing Presence and Energy Sensitivity

·        Opening to your Feminine Essence

·        Intimacy and Trust

·        Impotency

Especially For Women

·        Expand Your Capacity for Orgasmic Bliss

·        Opening to the Goddess Within – Your True Essence

·        Learning About & Owning your Sexual Energy

·        Finding Your Juice

·        Healing of Sexual Trauma

Especially For Couples

·        Connection – The True Communication

·        Harmony as a Practice

·        Igniting Passion in Your Relationship

·        Becoming Healers For Each Other

·        Learn to Have” Best Ever” Sex

These topics are to give you an idea of what a private session could address. With a subject as broad as our sexuality, and an individual’s personal life experiences, the potential for these sessions are vast.