I can't even describe how grateful I am.  I was lost, I didn't know where I was going, just going from place to place, looking for myself. Now I feel I was initiated and clearly can see my path in front of me.  I never could ask all these questions to anyone. I feel so free now!      T. female nz.

Kenneth and Sharon  facilitated a profound opening of sexual experience for me. Truly meeting the beloved and trusting the full let down of feeling and fluid was a wonder that has since charted a course of exploration into the mystery of my own deep feminine.
Surprisingly the work is taking me far from my old promiscuity, deeper into my true soul and heart values as the requirements for the natural subtle unfolding of the Feminine Essence are revealed .
A thousand thank yous. Thank goodness people are doing this much
needed work and revealing these keys that are really so integral and in the end obvious to human oneness.

Private Sessions -For Individuals or couples

Reclaim Your Birthright and Awaken to the Joy, Vitality and Passion of Your Natural Essence

Your Sexual Energy is the Life Force that fuels every part of your life.  When this energy is ignited and balanced, life becomes filled with juicy aliveness and limitless potential.

During your session with Kenneth or Sharon, or both of us together, you will be guided in safely releasing what holds you back from your full expression and opening to experience deeper love and loving in your life. 

If you’re ready to step into the limitless possibilities of your fully enlivened life expression, give yourself the wonderful gift of a private session.
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Private Retreats

Contact us to create your own private retreat anywhere in the world. we are fully flexible to travel to your choice of destinations. Perhaps you would like a custom vacation retreat on an island in the South Pacific or maybe a quiet and very private weekend at your own home with us to guide you along your path to deeper and higher loving. Contact us to co-create a  magical experience with you.