We have found our sexuality and relationship to be profound doorways to our spirits and our connection to the Divine.

We are having a blast in and outside of the bedroom. All areas of our lives are enlivened.

Kenneth and Sharon

Sharon & Kenneth Mauldin offer a safe space and loving guidance for couples and individuals to experience their sexuality as a sacred learning and healing ground while growing in trust and intimacy with themselves and others. We invite you to join us as ecstatic lovers of life.

StarDancer Tantra grew our of our personal journey into sacred sexuality and the deepening of the relationship with ourselves and each other.

Our adventure began over 20 years ago with our desire to keep passion and intimacy growing throughout our years together. At that time we never could have imagined the richness of depth, joy and love that would come to us through this path.

In 1999 we started sharing what we had learned with small groups of friends gathered in our beautiful Colorado home. Since then StarDancer Tantra has organically grown and we are continually astonished at what it brings us and the offering we are bringing to others.

Our workshops and private work draw from the blessings and lessons of our life experience. We blend those life lessons with the skills, knowledge and experience we have gained through a variety of personal enrichment courses.

Over the years we have studied Tantra and the Art Of Conscious Loving with Charles and Caroline Muir being our foundational teachers, while exploring other schools and modalities along the way. We are certified Tantra Educators through the Source School of Tantra in Hawaii.


Sharon combines her experience as Dakini, Certified Tantra Educator, Doula, Birthing From Within Mentor, and bodywork practitioner to offer unique and powerful private sessions, retreats and workshops. With 25 years of experience in the healing arts she is gifted in holding a clear, loving space for individuals and couples to explore the fullness of their whole-being expression.

She passionately embraces the tantric path as a gateway to fully embodying the holy and bringing enlivened presence to every moment.


Kenneth, a twenty year student of personal growth strategies, Certified Tantric Educator and Daka offers a conscious and safe container to open to the full expression of one's creative life force.

His passion is in holding space for the awakening, the birthright of all of us to dance with abandon to our own music. With the power of intentional loving touch he invites healing and union of all the qualities of being human.