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Sharon's Sacred Loving Journey


For the past 15 years I have gathered with groups of couples in my Colorado living room and around the world sharing an extraordinary 4 day workshop journey called “Sacred Loving”.   At the end of every one of these extended weekends I find myself astonished, humbled and blessed by the shifts, openings and precious deepening that happens during this experience ….  and it’s apparent that the participants have had an amazing, beautiful time, too!

Over 23 years ago, as newlyweds, Kenneth and I attended our first sacred sexuality retreat. Both of us had gone through previous “trial marriages”  and this time around we were both committed to creating a vital, enduring relationship that included healthy intimate, passionate sexuality.   So, off we went to “Tantra Camp” for an experience that ended up being a turning point in my life.

During that week-long retreat I experienced what it meant to invite God into the bedroom . Sexual loving became a sacrament of divine celebration that called forth a deep intimacy and partnership with Kenneth that went beyond my imagination.   That in itself was worth the price of admission!    But it did not stop there.    My lover’s precious devotion began to soothe and heal the places in me where light had never shined before: places of tenderness, hurt, fear, self judgment.   As I opened to my lover in new ways, I opened to myself in new ways.  I opened to my life in new ways, too.  Vulnerably.  Authentically. Beautifully.

What began as a desire for yummier sex has transformed all parts of my life. It has awakened me to finding joy, wonder and richness by teaching me how to love and be loved, deeply and fully. 

The Sacred Loving workshop was the vision of some dear friends who gave us a date and said “We’re coming to your couples sexuality workshop this weekend.  It can just be the four of us or you can invite some other folks, too”.   Hesitantly Kenneth and I gathered nine couples together and shared from our hearts the practices and information that had enlivened us.   We sure didn’t have any idea or plan to become “workshop leaders” but after that first workshop we decided  as long as there were couples who wanted to come explore with us we would show up with open hearts, create a safe space, and offer the invitation for other lovers to join us on this amazing adventure.

There’s always new territory to explore in this mysterious life.  I am grateful for the grace and the guidance that has brought me this far. I call it Sacred Loving. 

Namaste,   Sharon